The Universal Character Set
Latin gamma
Unicode nameLATIN GAMMA (Ɣ)
UnicodeU+0194 (Ɣ)
U+263 (Ɣ)

Latin gamma is an uncommon Latin letter based off of the Greek letter, gamma (γ). Unlike the Greek gamma, the Latin gamma may have serifs and its majuscule (Ɣ) is based off of its minuscule (ɣ). It is currently being used as a voiced velar fricative in the International Phonetic Alphabet and in the alphabets of some African languages, such as Dagbani, Dinka, Kabiyé, and Ewe. In some nonstandard variations of the IPA, the majuscule form is used.



A list of some fonts that support this character.

The majuscule and minuscule forms of the letter are located in Unicode, respectively.


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