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Guaicuruan, also known as Guaykuruan, Waikurúan, Guaycuruano, Guaikurú, Guaicurú, Guaycuruana, is a language family spoken in South America, particularly in Argentina, Paraguay, and the Mato Grosso do Sul state of Brazil.


The Guaicuruan languages are usually classified as follows:

The languages, Abipón, Guachí, and Payaguá are currently extinct.

Harriet Klein, a linguist, disagrees with the assumption that Kadiweu is Guaicuruan. Most others, however, accept the inclusion of Kadiweu into this family.

Genetic relationsEdit

Jorge Suárez includes this language family with the Charruan languages in his hypothetical Waikuru-Charrúa stock.

Morris Swadesh includes the Guaicuruan languages with the Matacoan, Charruan, and Mascoyan languages in his Macro-Mapuche stock.

Joseph Greenberg places this language family within a Mataco-Guaicuru group similar to Swadesh's Macro-Mapuche, with the exception that Greenberg's Mataco-Guaicuru the Lule-Vilela languages. Mataco-Guaicuru is then connected to the Panoan, Tacanan, and the Mosetenan languages in his large Macro-Panoan language phylum.

Kaufman (1990) suggests that the Guaicuruan-Matacoan-Charruan-Mascoyan-Lule-Vilela proposal needs to be explored and researched, in a grouping which he calls Macro-Waikurúan. His 1994 edition of Macro-Waikurúan excludes the Lule-Vilela.


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