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Dser Dser 5 March 2011

Infoboxes Revolutionized!

's.]] Today, on March 5, 2011, I have successfully created an infobox on Languages Wiki that appears in a similar fashion to the general infoboxes on Wikipedia.

As I viewed the to it, I noticed that the infobox looked rather ugly. Before I was inspired, I envied Wikipedia and how it created such infoboxes to look very interesting and attractive.

After about an hour of works and tests, I couldn't manage to make an infobox that resembled those from Wikipedia. So then, I went to Wikipedia's . At first, I recognized some errors, but managed to fix them. Now I am inspired to create all the infoboxes on this site in a similar fashion.

So far, there have only been a handful of infobox templates created, and I believe that it will take only a short am…

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