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possibly extinct

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  • Aariya
Language codes
ISO 639-1


ISO 639-3


Aariya is a possibly extinct language spoken by people of Madhya Pradesh in India.[1][2]

According to a submission made in 2007 to the ISO 639-3 Registration Authority to have the language code (aay) removed, the only reference of the language was a work from 1970 entitled A bibliographical Index of the Lesser Known Languages and Dialects of India and Nepal by Richard Hugoniot, which used information given by the Madhya Pradesh Department of Tribal Welfare from 1964, and indicated the presence of the Aariya people as a scheduled tribe.[3]

Barely anything is known about the language. Recent studies have been unable to reveal any speakers of Aariya or anyone with knowledge of it. Whether this means the language never existed or if the people that spoke it were wiped out still remains unclear.[2]


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